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L.C.M and H.C.F (MATHS)

11 Aug

2010 10:30 PM (CST)

This class ran for 45 minutes

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About the class

About the class

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Prime factorisation

If a natural number is expressed as the product of prime numbers, then the factorisation of the number is called its prime (or complete) factorisation.

A prime factorisation of a natural number can be expressed in the exponential form.

For example:
(i) 48 = 2×2×2×2×3 = 2^4×3
(ii) 420 = 2×2×3×5×7 = 2² ×3×5×7.

Least Common Multiple (abbreviated L.C.M.) of two natural numbers is the smallest natural number which is a multiple of both the numbers.

Highest Common Factor (abbreviated H.C.F.) of two natural numbers is the largest common factor (or divisor) of the given natural numbers. In other words, H.C.F. is the greatest element of the set of common factors of the given numbers.
If you want to learn LCM and HCF. Please join this class.

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